The most complete solution for data management, analytics, and user activation for OTT platforms.

A flexible set of solutions that will make your business to flourish

A solution that allows you to have a closer and more personal communication with your users, encourage their participation, and get to know them better, in order to improve their experience.

Insights OTT 360

Know better your audience in order to improve your digital services: Web services, mobile and tablets apps, and CTV.


Discover the behavior and interests of 100% of the cross-platform audience.

User Segmentation

Learn from your user segments according to their type of consumption and behavior pattern, and personalize their user experience by offering them preferred experiences and encouraging their participation with your OTT and Live Streaming offer.

Life cycle

Make the most of anonymous browsing to optimize the registration and subscription of cross-platform users to your digital services.

OTT 360 Recommendations

Unified content recommendation engine for all touchpoints with your users.


The latest AI technology for your business.

Anonymous and registered users

Content Recommendations for anonymous and registered users.

Multimodal 360

Monitor your audience through the different digital channels, and provide them with the most appropriate content at all times.


We use a combination of multiple evaluation metrics in order to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of our recommendation system through self-learning algorithms.

Datalake service OTT 360

Take your business to the next level by harnessing the power of the Konograma cloud® along with the expertise of our team of data scientists.

360 data acquisition

We provide a SDK for real-time data acquisition for your digital channels and social networks, which includes a complete set of plugings and predefined connectors with the main online video platforms (OVP).

KPI Generation

Automatic generation of business indicators to give you full control of your business in real time.

API secure access

Integration with your information systems for data-driven decision making.

Raw storage

Get direct access to your data in RAW format to gain insights into your audience with maximum granularity.


We design bespoke dashboards and reports to meet all the needs of the members of your organization, each with the appropriate information at the right time.

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