CTV is now smarter

The most complete solution for data management, analytics, and user activation for connected TV.

A flexible end-to-end solution to help you flourish your business

A solution that allows you to have a closer and more personal communication with your users, encourage their participation, and get to know them better, in order to improve their experience.

We offer four main products to support the digital transformation of the Broadcasting industry. Choose the solution that best suits your needs to accurately analyze your audience, know and segment your Smart TV users based on their interests and behaviors, and grow your business through data monetization.


More measurement, more accuracy

A solution to accurately measure audience interests in order to more precisely refine the target audience for advertising products.


A set of visual tools to easily monitor your SmartTV users, enabling you to act quickly to make ajustments to the campaign targets.

Quantify and compare

Quantify users by programs, genres, time slots…

Incredible metric accuracy

Measure accurately and in more detail the total number of users, their interests and their historical evolution.

Improve the value of your advertising product

Increase and improve the accuracy of the measurement of advertising value


Knowing the users, the key to success.

Discover the behavior of all your connected TV users to improve your business.

Interests of users

Discover the behavior and interests of users, essential to generate targets.

Optimize registration

Make the most of anonymous browsing to optimize the registration and subscription of CTV users to your other digital services (cross selling).

User Segmentation

Learn from your user segments: according to their type of consumption and behavior pattern and personalize their user experience.

Extend your digital inventory

Create your new CTV digital inventory and monetize it. Be part of the digital advertising value chain by offering new CTV inventory to advertiser platforms.

Ad server TV

Digital advertising, to whom you want and when you want.

Connected TV enables the insertion of digital advertising on linear TV, providing new business opportunities, and therefore, new sources of income.

A new business model based on CPM (impressions) without affecting the audio and video content of the linear broadcast.

Advertising campaigns

Incorporate digital campaigns in linear TV taking advantage of Connected TV. Take control of your campaigns by ajusting aspects such as frequency and user segmentation.

Fully automated Insertion

Advertising is triggered automatically at the optimal time.

Authoring tools

Graphic design of campaings is a piece of cake thanks to the multiple options of our authoring tools.


Increase the number of ad impressions on the target audience.

HbbTV Toolkit

The toolkit at your disposal.

Our Toolkit service provides all the technical tools necessary to manage the entire digital advertising process.


Take control of your ad insertion triggers.


Playout synchronization with support for VDCP and SCTE-35 protocols, among others.

Call to action

Reach your users through SMS and QR. Create synergies between Linear TV and  OTT cross-platforms.


Maximize coverage by reaching up to 95% of all SmartTv brands on the market.


Our technology is compatible with all manufacturers and HbbTV versions.

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